Surveillance Solutions

Why do you need a surveillance solution?

If you’re starting a company or own a small business, securing your assets and personnel is a step never to be overlooked. An efficient surveillance solution provides you with means of minimizing incidents or shoplifting, generating customer satisfaction, and increasing your productivity in the long run.

To help you achieve this task, Sundance offers Surveillance Station, which includes various features optimized for small installations, usually one site with 16 cameras and less. Running on all Synology NAS, this user-friendly surveillance management system is cost-effective, making it your ideal solution to help secure your business!

Surveillance solution for midsize businesses

When scaling out business to multiple areas and sites, SMBs need a surveillance system to protect their valuable assets-personnel, offices, labs, retail spaces, and storage rooms -from potential threats. For SMBs which need to install dozens of network cameras (16 to 100 cameras), the major concerns when choosing a surveillance solution are cost-effectiveness, reduced liability, multi-functionality along with efficient management.

Surveillance solution for large-scale enterprises

Large-scale organizations require equally large surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras to protect critical assets and reduce blind spots in the environment. Surveillance Station consolidates camera and recording management in one place and provides advanced features, allowing security personnel to work at ease.