HDTV Installations In Any Room

We have extensive HDTV Installation experience.

Let yourself be inspired by these photos of HDTV installations in and around North Canton, Bath, Akron and Hinckley. Then let us professionally install your HDTV.

HDTV mounted in hearth room above fireplace in North Canton Ohio.  We also mounted a sonos playbar below the TV to improve the sound quality coming from the TV.

HDTV and LCR soundbar above a fireplace in Wadsworth Ohio.  This Great room features built in surround sound with the LCR soundbar and in-wall rears.  The sub and equipment sit below hidden in the cabinet.  Control is done with a universal RF remote so the cabinet doors can stay shut.

HDTV above fireplace in Akron Ohio 44333.

Master Bath HDTV mounted for local morning news.  Articulating mount allows for it to be placed in corner of room above the counter.

HDTV mounted in the master bedroom in North Canton Ohio 44720.  The HD cable box sits in a rack in the basement for a clean look.  The box is controlled with an IR sensor mounted to the TV and to the box in the rack.

The "Floating TV" has an articulating mount that's able to be pulled out for different viewing angles. This one was installed recently in Akron, Ohio.

HDTV mounted in Medina Ohio 44256 above a fireplace.  The equipment sits to the right below inside the cabinets.  A universal RF remote controls the various devices with the doors shut.  We mounted an LCR soundbar below the HDTV to improve sound quality in the room.

Custom installed flush mount HDTV above fireplace!  This one was tricky!  Low profile mount to make flush with surrounding wall.  The HD cable box and Apple TV actually sit in the service room and are controlled via IR.  No need for ugly electronics in the room!





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